A Redesign For The Ages...BestPornTV.com Is Better Than Ever!


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May 5, 2018
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Greetings everyone!

As many of you know, Syber Pussy and the Syber Pussy network manages more sites than just this forum that we all call home. In fact, we've got over 20 different porn sites in our network!

In recent weeks, the team has been working hard to give one of our more beloved sites a total redesign and makeover. You all might have visited BestPornTV.com at some point in the past, and while the old version of the site was not terrible...it...needed some work.

The team has been hard at work redesigning the site, making it more modern and making it more fast! We'd love to invite you to come check out the work we've been doing and have a fap!

Click here to visit the newly redesigned BestPornTV site.

Apart from a more modern and clean look, we've added a bunch of awesome widgets that are designed to curate the best porn videos of the day/week/month for you each time you visit the site! We've also added an awesome light/dark mode switcher for when you need a little bit more...privacy.

Hopefully you will enjoy the fruits of our labor! Feel free to give us feedback as well, we are always open to new ideas and feedback that can help us make our sites better.

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