Future Plans Regarding Categories


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May 5, 2018
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The Desert
Future Plans Regarding Categories

The forum looks a little bit small and lackluster at the moment. In the future, the plan is to slowly roll out more and more categories and sub categories for each genre of porn. As you can see right now, the "babes" category sort of encompasses all pictures of beautiful women. Whether it's teen, black, white, asian, etc. In the future there will be sub categories for each type of porn. (Think of sub reddits for each niche).

Why not do this now?

As an experienced forum owner and user I know it can be unappealing to join a forum that has tons of inactive boards and sub-forums. Obviously as it stands now the forum is a ghost town but I know that with my efforts it will grow slowly and steadily. For the time being by having a minimal number of categories, it will allow for overall more activity while the forum gets through its growing pains.


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