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May 5, 2018
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Hello everyone!

It was recently come to our attention that GfyCat will no longer be supporting adult content on their platform. Instead, they will be operating a sister site, RedGifs, which will host all adult Gfycat content from now on.

Per their announcement, existing adult GfyCats will still function, however early this month you will no longer be able to add adult GfyCats to the platform and consequently to

Although RedGifs is essentially a GfyCat clone and should operate the same, we are encountering issues getting the content to be displayed in our Gifs section of the forum the way Gfycats were. It appears we are not the only ones struggling as even Reddit is not supporting RedGifs at this time.

We will continue working on this, however we just wanted to provide an update for those looking for new gifs or looking to share their RedGifs here. We don't know exactly how long it will be until it's supported but the goal is to have it available as soon as possible. We will post another announcement when the functionality has been added.

Thanks for your patience :)

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