Announcement How To Join The VIP Usergroup (It's Free)


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May 5, 2018
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I'll keep this short and sweet.

The VIP group is FREE and reserved for active members of the community.

The perks of the member group are as follows-

1) You will not have a cool down timer between creating threads/posting replies
2) You will have a VIP badge under your forum username.
3) You will be able to change your username once every 15 days
4) You will be able to colorize your username


How to join the VIP group? For the time being you must have made a total of 100 posts on the forum, and you must add a profile picture! That's it!

In the future as our community grows the post count requirement will go up in order to maintain exclusiveness.

Once you've met the requirements send a private message to an online admin and they will add you to your new group!​
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