Announcement List Of New Forum Features (7-4-18)


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May 5, 2018
Porn Cash
The Desert
Hello all,

A few new features to let you all know about. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

- User name changes (available to VIP members) once every 15 days.
- User name colors (available to VIP Members)
- Profile views counter (privacy options, can be disabled in privacy preferences)
- Trophies now have their own page on each profile. They are no longer under the "about" tab on profiles but under their own dedicated "trophies" page.
- Added Tumblr to list of contact options on each profile. You can now add a link to your Tumblr blog on your profile.
- Self account deactivation and reactivation for those who need a break from porn.


Coming Soon

- Revamp of Porn Cash and Trophy system
- More Trophies!
- Icons for each Trophy so they look cooler in your collection


Thanks for being on Syber Pussy!

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