Announcement New Forum Rule - PPC Image Hosts Are Not Allowed


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May 5, 2018
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New Forum Rule - PPC Image Hosts Are Not Allowed

One of the key features that sets this forum apart from others is the fact that most of the content posted is available natively within the forum, meaning to view whats been posted you don't need to click around through a million different websites and ad's to find the content you clicked for.

Lately a few users have been sharing image galleries embeded through PPC (Pay per click) image hosts that essentially pay these individuals for the amount of clicks their image gets. In turn, the image you desired to click on leads you off of, to another website riddled with ad's and popups.

Starting today, 12/31/18 I have removed all of these threads, (there were only maybe 10 or 15) and I am creating this rule to alert users that we will no longer accept these types of posts on the forum. Repeat offenders will have their accounts banned.

With this forum our top priority is QUALITY. Unfortunately these types of images hosts take the forum away from that goal.

If you are looking for other places to host your images and embed them within the forum, we recommend, YouPeg, Imgur, or Gfycat however essentially any DIRECT link to an image will work within the forum.


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