New Forum Update - Jan 3rd 2020


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May 5, 2018
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I'm a bit late on posting the update notes, but better late than never!

The Syber Pussy network has been redesigned! While maintaining true to our original style, we've undergone a bit of a redesign and modernized some parts of the forum to make it look prettier!

We've also added a "fresh coat of paint" of sorts to the homepage of the site and updated the featured images for every category. We will look to do this more moving forward so that the home page always looks fresh.

We've also added a new feature for messages and posts and that's Reactions! Previously you could only like or thumbsup a post. You can now add different reactions enabling you to express yourself more freely!

And lastly, we've added support for 3 more languages! Turkish, Italian, and French are all now supported!

Thanks for being here, and here's to 2020!

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