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May 5, 2018
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If you are an adult webmaster you are more than welcome to contribute content to the forum with links pointing back to your site.

Please keep these guidelines in mind when contributing

- Signature links pointing to your site are OK. Please consider using anchor text such as "The hottest porn tube on the planet" rather than just pasting raw links into your signature. For the time being, registered users are allowed ONE link in their signature.

- You may link to your site as a source for images, gifs, and videos. However please do not just create a topic with a link to the page on your website. Consider uploading a gallery of images with anchor text pointing back to your website as a source.

- Keep a 1 to 5 ratio of regular content to promoted content. If you are confused by this, it means for every 1 post you make as a promotion for your web site, make 5 others that do not link to your site in any way (apart from your signature)
May 8, 2018
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Can I post link to my tumblr blog on some post? Only have like 45 followers but trying to get my count up.

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