Why pornography should not be controversial anymore


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May 5, 2018
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In this modern age, there are still people that believe that porn is this devilish thing that's lurking to destroy our minds and health. They'll boast about morals, about values, and everything else that you can hear from your grandma. Well, today, we are going to be discussing about why porn is now just a normal part of human society. If that sounds interesting to you, then you might as well stick around and read this full article.

Well, people have been drawing sexual images for centuries now. You can even find some of them during our caveman ages for sure. Having sex material being available has always been a secretive human wish. The only difference is that before, that wasn't possible. Young people hid their porn magazines under their bed or even buried them underneath a tree or something. Everything to stay clean and to not get busted. Well, in this day and age, humanity moved on, and so did porn. Now everything is digitized, and it's all available in a blink of an eye. And that leads to what, exactly? Well, it leads to you having easy access to every single kind of pornography ever. Do you want regular videos? You can have them. Some images or porn comics? Well, those are available too. Do you want to play some good Sex Games? That's also possible, thanks to the 21st century. And, with all that being accessible, you know that people are going to watch it. For the sake of that thrill, and of course, for the sake of pleasure.

But what happens when everyone starts watching porn? At first, you have people that pretend. They pretend that they are disgusted, they advocate banning pornography, and stuff like that. They're always loud about why it's terrible and why young people shouldn't be watching it. And the thing is, those people are the first ones to watch an unhealthy amount of porn in their free time. That's why they're so against it publicly - so no one ever would find out about their dirty little secret. Maybe those people are into fetish videos, weird hentai, or something like that. Who knows? Perhaps they're into Adult Porn Games as well. The freakier, the better. That's because there's an absolute rule when it comes to porn. People who talk about porn and discuss it, well, watch regular porn. The ones that don't talk about it always watch the freaky stuff. So you really shouldn't feel bad, primarily because of phase three of this.

Well, phase three of pornography is the fact that, since everybody's secretly consuming it, they also work hard to normalize it as well. And one by one, you have 'brave' people that openly admit that they consume it. And they usually pull in the rest of them and make them open up a bit as well. And that's how you get millions and millions of individuals to accept the fact that pornography is just a part of our life! Now, the only thing that we should establish is how healthy it is for sure. As with everything, you can get addicted to porn as well, which is the truth. So, you need to establish some boundaries for yourself, as well. You see, every day, thousands of scientists either discover something positive about porn or maybe also some negative sides as well. And at the end of the day, you never know who to believe. Who knows? Perhaps XXX Games are bad for us. But, since all that information is yet to be cleared or confirmed, you shouldn't believe everything.

In fact, the best thing that you can do is to do it on your own. If you consume porn, and you see that you have no problems whatsoever, then keep enjoying yourself. But, if pornography took a toll on your personal or sexual health, then maybe it's time to distance a bit from it. All in all, there are thousands of different studies and articles out there. And some of them may be true, but some of them are definitely fake. So, what you need to do is to look at yourself, and then figure out your own system. Although, the only way to truly normalize and understand something is to investigate and study it thoroughly. And that's going to happen as well since the world is moving. Anyways, if you liked this article, then you should become a regular visitor on our site. You'll get good content and interesting articles every single day!

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