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Furthermore, existing GIF categories have now been renamed. For example, "Anal GIF's" is now simply "Anal" and is open to posting of both GIF's and WEBMs.

New categories for GIF's and Webm's will be added on an as needed basis. As the community continues to grow, we may also revert back and separate the two sections (GIF's and WebM's) if it improves user experience.

Update - We have renamed the porn GIF's section to "Porn Gifs & Webms". We feel that the consolidation of these two will make things a bit more organized. The previous "Porn WebM's" section has now been renamed to "Misc. Porn WebM's". This section is ideal for posting a GIF/Webm that does not match any pre-existing categories.
Final update for the day -

We are currently testing the removal of thread prefixes. In the past, certain categories would automatically add a thread prefix such as "Gallery" or "Video" to the topic title. We are testing the removal of these in hopes of improving our on-site search function, the aim being to delivery more relevant results to our users searches.
Please note - Gay/Transgender content will retain their prefixes so as to better filter it for users who either wish to see the content, or wish not to.
You may have noticed on the home page, our "Amateur Pics and Galleries" section has been renamed to "Loose pics". This section will be used now for posting "loosies" pics! For example if you only have a pic or two to share, use this section. All niches/categories welcome here, just be sure to label it appropriately. This is useful for folks who have a few pictures to share but not a full gallery.
We are considering adding new sub forums to the "Porn Webm's" section, similar to how the Porn GIF's section is currently set up. What do you guys think?
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